ZOODLES – FoodFriday#2

welcome to the second episode of cooking with vala! today we’ll be making zoodles (try saying that 10 times fast). I’ve seen recipes floating around for a while and wanted to try making them myself. It’s pretty easy, actually it’s very easy! 
Here’s what you’ll need::
this is what i decided to use, but you can mix it around and use what you like.
I used two zucchinis and that workes well for two people.
the Pasta Sauce is what will give the flavour so use what you like, you can even make your own if your super smart! i used one with extra vegetables and really liked that. than for protein you can do whatever you like, i’ve seen meatballs/chicken or what ever being used. i opted for bites made with soy-protein.  
this tool is what you’ll REALLY NEED IT’S A peeler, it was very easy to find just search your supermarkets!
all you need to do next is peel your zucchinis and this is what you should end up with :
I put the noodles on a pan for a bit, just to heat them up, make sure you don’t over cook them or else they’ll get super soggy. I heated the sauce in a pot and added my “meat”, if you are using real meat you might want to cook it before hand. I like to serve garlic bread with it since it gives a nice bit of texture and flavour.
I hope you try this out.

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