I find reading very comforting, you can get lost in a different world, made up or not, it’s not your world and all of your responsibilities disappear for a while.
I often forget to put my phone down before bed or really just throughout the day.. so i’m going to make it my mission for the next month to reach for my kindle more often and finish up few of the books i’m currently working on.
the newest ones to my growing collection are Girlboss and sacred journey of the peaceful warrior. I haven’t started girlboss but i’m really excited, i have heard good things about that one. i’ve gotten into the second one, Sacred journey, and i’m finding it quite enjoyable. It’s was recommended to me by my good friend birnamagg, and as she put it “it’s not a self-help book, you just get really positive after reading it”. I haven’t been my self lately and although i’ve only gotten trough half of it i feel more optimistic and calmer about life.
I also have the whole maze runner series on my kinlde. I loved this series, although i’m finding it hard to get trough the last one (that’s one for the mission!). I also loved the divergent series. as you can probably tell i enjoy dystopian themed stories. but i also have some cute ones like the fault in our stars, perks of being a wallflower and eleanor & park.


One that i really liked was we were liars, it was quite short but very different and i could not put it down. i read that one by the pool while on holiday and like i said, could not put it down. it’s very different and not at all what you would expect!
I hope I’ve inspired you, just a little bit, to grab a book and have a quiet moment this week. Let me know it you give any of these a try!
Enjoy your day

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