What does vala smell like? “
Probably a burning question on everyone’s mind… probz not but hey, a gril can dream!
I wanted to share with you my favorite perfumes, the smelly stuff. I’m not much of a girlygirl, I don’t like sickly sweet scents or much of vanilla. I quite like musky, “manlier” scents. I like them to be warm with a hint of something special. I realised while looking trough the notes of the perfumes that I am a flower girl… i never thought I liked floral scents but apparEntly I do!
 So this is my favorite scent by far! This is what i usually wear on everyday basis so I guess it’s what you would call “my scent”. this actually is quite floral scented. the english rose gives it a freshness of some sort and the amber pulls it down and adds something extra.
“The Stella Woman is different because she has her own point of view, and is not afraid to reflect it in the way that she wears clothes or the way that she smells. She has a gentle, honest approach, a natural confidence and she’s naturally sexy. She sees life in a modern way, wants to be informed, involved, have a point of view, but also to feel alive and present in the moment.”
I really enjoyed this little bit about the scent written by Stella herself, I think it describes the scent perfectly .
I feel like this one is a cult favorite, everybody loves it. It’s warm with a hint of sweetness to it and smells good on everyone. This is more of a going out scent for me – it’s sexy but girly. As I said this is a more of a going out scent,  after i’ve dressed up and put on nice makeup It adds the perfect touch! 
muskWhite musk for men – The body Shop
Yes… this is cologne… for men…
I love it! I’m not a huge fan of the original white musk scent, for the ladies, from The Body SHop, i think it’s flat and doesn’t do anything for me. THIs one however is great! It’s very musky and spicy (?), but not too masculine. I tend to wear this when i’ve dressed girlier than I care for, want to stay in bed all day or simply just need a man in my life.. for the day. 
teasenoir tease – Victoria’s secret
This if definitely the sweetest one out of the four. This is a body mist so it doesn’t last as long on the skin as the others do. I use this one more just if i’m chilling at home, running to the store or going to the gym.


As you can tell i just like to smell warm but i do have some fresh faves as well. I really like light blue – dolce & gabbana which is described as a fruty-floral scent with a hint of musk. then we have the grapefruit range from the body shop, that’s always well loved by me as well.
Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe gotten some ides for birthday/holiday gifts for me in the future! hehe.
enjoy your day!

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